Ski Fall

Slip and slide down the icy slope for precarious points! In this solo point-gathering mission, dive through hoops to up your total while dodging fiendish flippers and fast-moving Fall Guys. And once you fly off the bottom..? Do it again! But better!

Tundra Run

This early Round is an all new take on the gauntlet style, ripe for snowy shenanigans. In a wild dash for the finish line, erratic punching gloves, wild flippers and an inconveniently powerful fan all stand between you and qualification. Beans will be airborne!

Freezy Peak

Scaling Freezy Peak is no mean feat, with a spiral summit that delights in chucking an endless supply of snowballs down on competitors! You’ll be taking to the skies with a fresh fan mechanic to master if you want to avoid tumbling into the chasm (tip: do not fall in the chasm). Don’t stop and stumble to the top!

Snowy Scrap

Three teams, three snowballs, zero chill. Work together with your fellow beans to propel your snowball around the course, gathering snow as it balloons in size! Reach the centre and it’s a real free-for-all, as the biggest snowballs win. Achieve teamwork, receive delicious sprinkles!

Pegwin Pursuit

Calling all beans...Bert is loose! In this team game, your job is to grab the Blunderdome’s tiniest penguin pals as they motor around the arena. Every moment you hold onto the pesky little guy means more points for your team. But with plenty of penguin-only routes, that’s easier said than done…

Thin Ice

Slivers of icy tiles stand between you and instant elimination in this high-flying final Round. Every step you take cracks the precarious ice below, so pick your moves carefully, try to isolate other players and keep it moving. Last bean standing? The Crown is yours.

Snowball Survival

Snowball Survival throws eager beans into a literal bowl full of fun, where a fragile floor is the only thing separating you from an icy trip to the slime. The curving half-pipe sides provide plenty of opportunities for stylish dives, while guaranteeing the perfect terrain for rampaging snowballs to make you look very, very silly.

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