Knight Fever

Our most treacherous race to date pitches brave beans against the wildest of medieval obstacles. This stumbly dash to the finish line is full of fiendish contraptions, including the fearsome THICC BONKUS and its foul attitude!

Timing, jumping, momentum and a slice of luck all play a role in claiming victory!

Wall Guys

Formidable fortress walls separate beans from success—but they can’t make it over alone! Wall Guys introduces movable blocks where short term alliances between friend and foe are crucial.

Will you clamber and jump on your fellow Fall Guys’ hard work...or stumble off to forge your own path?

Egg Siege

The joy and drama of Egg Scramble just took a turn for the tactical! Egg Siege introduces a feudal fortress full of moving parts, making all sorts of devious schemes to claim the precious Golden Egg possible.

Your timing will have to be on-point to navigate this wild assortment of drawbridges, ramps and gaps.

Hoopsie Legends

Strategise on the fly and dive through hoops with abandon in this all-new solo take on Hoopsie Daisy! Movable blocks hold the key in this point-scoring extravaganza—will you share the building burden or disrupt everyone’s best laid plans? Probably both!

And keep an eye on those glittering hoops for a bountiful score...

the Short and Stocky
(Same size as other Fall Guys)
The Almost Perfect
(All falls intentional)
The Wonderfully Wicked
(Non-wicked version available)
And for the first time ever...
thicc bonkus!
Now Available
Dragon Hugger
Costume Pack
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