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Release Notes: Fall Guys Season 3.5 Mid-Season Update

Welcome to the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3.5 mid-Season update! Stumble into our latest blog to explore all that’s in store, but if you’re just after the hard facts, here’s the Release Notes overview, straight from the team:


  • Fall Feed - Live on-screen updates of events that happen during the Round


  • Brand new Round ‘Snowball Survival’ added

  • More than 40 variations added for existing Rounds

  • New Shows and costumes to go live over the coming weeks

  • Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game costumes are back and now available in the regular store!

Bug Fixes:

  • Eliminated Fall Guys occasionally weren't shown on the Qualification screen

  • When a player was spectating, the Post Processing effects were turned off on the client resulting in a washed out/faded appearance

  • Addressed performance degradation in certain rounds, especially ones containing egg objects

  • Fixed crashes in the Customiser due to low memory on certain machines

  • Being eliminated from the first round and then spectating resulted in no background audio for some remaining rounds

  • Improved Fall Guys ragdolling excessively when walking on puncher objects

  • [Freezy Peak] The user does not get pushed back by the air current after colliding into the side of a moving fan

  • [Hex-A-Gone] During gameplay, the client seemed to temporarily 'freeze' everything before suddenly resuming


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