James Wright -

Three Wolf Moon SALE!

Gather round, bean gang, for a terrifying tale! A full moon has bathed the Blunderdome in luna rays, awakening the three wolves and their insatiable, cursed hunger...a hunger for percentage-based reductions on in-game currency and DLC. AwoOooOooOoo! *cough*


To celebrate the spooky season, we’re dishing out treats rather than tricks, with the three wolves giving a sizable slash to highly desirable Kudos packs and costumes! Here's what you can find on Steam and PlayStation!

PlayStation Store

Sale dates: October 27th - November 2nd

  • Tiny Kudos Pack - 10% off

  • Small Kudos Pack - 15% off

  • Large Kudos Pack - 20% off

  • Giant Kudos Pack - 25% off

Steam Store

Sale dates: Oct 29th (10am PDT) - Nov 2nd (10am PDT)

  • Fast Food DLC - 20% off

Hmm, so what are you going to drop your Kudos on? Feel free to show off your spoils with us on our official (and extra spicy) Twitter account. And of course, be sure to join your fellow bean aficionados on Discord!


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