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#FallGuysSeason3 Operation: Jig Sawus!

Gather round, bean fans. The team have been hard at work, the Blunderdome is primed in anticipation and the rumours have been swirling wildly, but the time is finally here. We are beyond delighted to announce that the theme for Fall Guys Season 3 is…

Ah, but no. That is not the way of the Fall Guy. If you want to know the secrets of Fall Guys Season 3, the community is going to have to unite as never before and overcome a fiendish challenge on a cooperative scale of Wall Guys proportions. It’s time for the #FallGuysSeason3 Jigsaw Challenge!

What in the Blunderdome is going on here?

We’ve put together a frankly gorgeous image that reveals the true nature of Season 3...and then smashed it into 300 pieces.

FallGuys Season3KeyArt Thumb

Each piece will be distributed to chosen Fall Guys fans who reply to our special messages on the following official channels:

If you’re picked, you’ll receive one of the numbered 300 image pieces! You may also see our team sharing some crucial parts of the puzzle, so keep an eye on the #FallGuysSeason3 and #JigSawus hashtags!

Putting the pieces together

So you got a piece? Cool! What now? Well...that’s kind of down to you. You’ll need to reach out to your fellow piece holders on your platform of choice using #FallGuysSeason3 and #JigSawus. Coordinate to fit the 300 piece puzzle together and you’ll learn the truth behind Season 3. Good night, and good luck.


Fall Guys Dive into the Guinness Book of World Records!


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