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Fall Guys Season 2.5 Patch Notes

Hello bean fans and welcome to the Season 2.5 update! We've got a tasty overview of the new content on our latest blog. For your reference, here's the patch notes from the dev team:

  • [PC] Added new Player Name system

  • Show Selector: players can now matchmake to multiple shows at the same time

  • Players can now select their desired Server Region

  • New language selection option in-game

  • Improved stability when playing in Parties

  • Added New Round - Big Fans

  • Added new Medieval Round Variations

  • Lowered chance of Medieval Rounds, Perfect Match and Tail Tag being selected

  • Added Featured Crown Costumes to the Regular Store rotation.

  • Fixed falling through the tiles on Hex-A-Gone

  • Fixed losing jump inputs sporadically in-game, especially on Jump Showdown

  • Fixed Hanging forever on the Fall Mountain crown

  • Fixed Infallible achievement not granting sometimes

  • Fixed Fall Guys falling over too often after normal landings


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