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Fall Guys Issue Tracker launched

Hello fellow bean fans. We’ve just launched the Fall Guys Issue Tracker! This is a new way to give our amazing community extra visibility on what we’re up to, including the latest Fall Guys hot fixes and the pesky issues that we’re focusing on addressing.

What’s it about?

The Fall Guys Issue Tracker effectively lets us share a ‘noticeboard’ with the community. It means you’re now able to see the key issues that we’ve had reported to us, which ones we’re currently investigating and which are next on the fix list.

So, if you’ve spotted something in-game you think is in need of a quick fix, be sure to check the tracker first—we may already be sorting it out!

OK cool, but I want to make a suggestion…

And you totally can. The best way to do that is by joining our official Fall Guys Discord server. There’s a channel primed and ready to hear your bean-flavoured ideas for improvements which we then assess and share with our development team. You’ll also be able to vote on the issues that you feel most strongly about. Every suggestion is listened to and noticed, so feel free to share what’s on your mind!

We’re super hopeful that this will be a useful tool to keep everyone in the loop! We know some of these issues can be frustrating, so we’re grateful for your patience.

What do you think?

We reckon the new tracker is pretty nifty, how about you? We’re interested to hear your feedback, so feel free to reach out via our (extra spicy) Twitter account or join fellow bean enthusiasts on our Discord.


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