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A look back on a wild end to 2020!

Greetings, bean fans. Contrary to what our holiday-conditioned body clocks are telling us, the calendar never lies and it’s almost definitely 2021 now. However, while we’re fully on-board with the whole 2021 thing, allow us just one more wistful look back at 2020 and its bountiful ‘End of Year’ lists, because it’s been a super exciting time for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

From personal critic selects, to indie-focused celebrations, to major platform player votes, we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by just how many people chose our beans as a favourite part of their 2020. So come share a little look-back-love with us!

FG Bestof2020 Twitter

Look! Fall Guys stumbled its way onto multiple lists this year, with many outlets remarking on how the colourful characters, wild obstacles and light-hearted take on competitiveness (excessive grabbers, we see you) was the perfect tonic for, well, *gestures at everything*. Our beans saw the year out with category titles from the likes of IGN, Steam and PlayStation, while proving a favourite for The Verge, The Guardian and the readers of Eurogamer.

“Fall Guys in all its wobbly physics, Day-Glo colour plastic glory was exactly what we needed - what 2020 needed - and I'll forever be grateful to those joyful jellybeans...even if I still don't have a bloody crown yet.” - Vikki Blake, Eurogamer

If it was tumbling beans that floated your proverbial boat in 2020, we’re endlessly thankful for you choosing to spend time with us. Whether Fall Guys graced your own list, made you want to tweet in delight or inspired you to tell a pal - thank you. We cannot wait to show you what’s in store for 2021!


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