Anti-cheat update

Cheating sucks. You know it, we know it, you totally told us about it. We’re all about Fall Guys bringing tumbling fun to our amazing community and cheaters go against the spirit of the game. If your experience has been impacted by some of those bad beans out there, we’re really sorry. We are doing our absolute best to get you stumbling in harmony once again. That’s why we wanted to give you a quick update!

What we’re doing now

First up, we’re expanding our current detection system to better handle the situation. These changes improve the likelihood of cheaters being spotted nice and quickly, with many existing cheats no longer able to spoil the fun. In fact, an additional 1500 cheaters have already felt the full force of the banhammer in the last 24 hours, including retrospective bans. We’ll continue to tweak this system and we’ll keep you up to date with what’s occurring via our Server Owl Twitter account. Server owl is great and wise, you should follow them.

What’s coming next

We’re in the process of prepping a sizeable update to the Blunderdome which will include a totally new anti-cheat system. There’s going to be plenty of info to share soon, but this robust system is the same one used by plenty of heavy-hitters in gaming, including Fortnite. We are confident this is going to make a really big difference.

Most importantly, thank you for your patience while we handle this. We super appreciate it. As always, keep up to date with those Fall Guys by following our official Twitter (do not feed the BeanBot) and joining the fine folk of the Fall Guys Discord server.


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