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The Jungle Book swings into Fall Guys!

Greetings, bean fans. With the totally tropical Season 5 now in full swing, we’ve found the perfect guests to join us for a real jungle-dome extravaganza! We’re joining paws with Disney’s The Jungle Book to bring you four beloved character costumes, plus an extra-special Limited Time Event that’s absolutely brimming with regal rewards!

Starting from 3 September, Mowgli, Shere Khan and Baloo will all come to life in delightful bean form, with their iconic looks available for Kudos in-game. They’ll only be available for a limited time, so grab them quick!

Mowgli Costume - 3-6 September

Shere Khan Costume - 7-9 September

Baloo Costume - 10-12 September

But you said four costumes, right? You’ll also be able to kit out your bean as the mischievous King Louie, with a whole host of other exclusive Jungle Book-themed cosmetics during King Louie’s Limited Time Event...

JungleBook PromoImage Ingame KingLouie ENDSLATE enEN

King Louie’s Limited Time Event: 3 - 12 September

Take on regal challenges straight from the throne of King Louie, rack up points and unlock bountiful Jungle Book goodies!

  • 'Jungle Champion' Nickname: 200

  • 'Kaa' Pattern: 400

  • King Louie Costume (Lower): 800

  • King Louie Costume (Upper): 1100

  • King Louie Nameplate: 1400

  • 'Jungle Dance' Emote: 1700

So grab your pals and let’s get the jungle jumpin’! See you in the Blunderdome.

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