Team Fall Guys -

Season 5.Fun update drops today!

Greetings, bean fans. Your Blunderdome Construction Crew have been hard at work exploring new content, fixes and fiendish variations to delight, challenge and perhaps even win a cheeky smile from our players.

That’s why we’re delighted to share Season 5.Fun with you—our first of multiple bite-sized updates to your jungle-dome experience! You can grab all the details in our release notes. Otherwise, dive in with us and meet the new hype…

New Round alert! Sum Fruit

Put on your thinking caps, a fresh logic Round is heading to the Blunderdome! Sum Fruit is all about quick-thinking beans, calculated movements and high-rising slime.

Oodles of fruit are blasted into the arena for players to count up, as answer tiles appear in the air (think Perfect Match but...extra floaty dangerous). Numbers will materialise on the big screens which match the sum of one group of fruit...but which one?! Pick carefully as that’s the platform to dive for!

Wrong additions will see you slime-subtracted from the round. Bye bean!

Fresh Round variations galore!

We’ve gone wild with Round variations, adding dozens of fresh takes to your stumbling experience. This time, we’ve particularly focused on the Rounds you thought you knew best, with multiple Season 1 classics sprinkled with unexpected obstacles and strategy-shifting twists.

These will turn up when you least expect it, so prepare for…

  • Fall Mountain - Anti-gravity zones and feisty flippers!

  • Gate Crash and Door Dash - Path-altering obstacles and conveyor belts join the fray.

  • Slime Climb - Expanding balloons added to end sequence, careful now!

  • Bubble Trouble - Watch out for...King Frog! That’s all we’re saying.

  • Treetop Tumble - Get super floaty with an anti-gravity variant.

  • Door Dash - A serene ending with added water feature...oh, and expanding balloons.

  • ...And loads more!

We’ve also implemented a swathe of fixes for a smoother stumbling experience! You can read more about these in our release notes - as well as keeping up to date with our Public Issue Tracker.

You can dive into Season 5.Fun right now and we’d love to hear what you think! Let us know and keep up to date with all the Fall Guys happenings via our official social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. You can also dive into our official Discord server and sign-up for bean updates straight to your inbox with our Newsletter.

See you in the Blunderdome!

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