Season 4

Creative Construction



    Fall Guys Creative is a game-changing way to experience the Blunderdome, and we’re so excited about it that all future Rounds made by the Mediatonic team will also be made with the tool too. With the new editor, you can finally design the Round of your dreams!

  • Rounds!

    All new

    The Blunderdome Construction Crew has been hard at work testing the boundaries of our level editor. Season 4: Creative Construction will receive over 50 new Mediatonic-made Rounds throughout the season, with 20 available at launch via Solos in the Show Selector, all made using Fall Guys Creative!


Upload into a vast digital domain in Season 4 and take control into your own four-fingered bean hands to create the chaotic course of your dreams! Fall Guys Creative unlocks incredible new ways to experience the Blunderdome, whether you become a master builder or a key competitor in Creative Rounds limited only by your imagination—and we've got 50 new ones to show you across Season 4, with 20 available from launch. Plus an all new multi-Fame Pass system replacing the Season Pass means reward unlocks remain fresh all season long!