Warriors of Light are bringing glamour to Fall Guys!

This Fame Pass is all about the Chocobos...

Team Fall Guys / July 28, 2023

MMOMG! We’re so excited about our next Fame Pass collaboration that we’re showing off the Costumes now! Here’s a peek at eight Warriors of Light Costumes arriving in Fame Pass from 10AM GMT 22nd August to 10AM GMT 3rd October.

The whole Pass will be detailed in a later blog, but for now, let’s begin the Fashion Report…
Fancy twins Alphinaud and Alisaie’s Costumes have beautifully cut coats, and iconic, colourful bows that fashionistas will love. Quite a contrast to the dark, pointy armour of the Dragoon Costume.

There’s nothing fishy about the Namazu Costume, despite being a catfish. Chocobo fans (basically everyone) will love being enveloped in the Fat Chocobo and Fat Black Chocobo Costumes, and there’s a wild looking Goobbue Costume that’s topped off with a mossy dome for Beastkin Beans.

Finally, the White Mage Costume is an arcane aesthetic: classic white and red robe with primo hair.

We’ll have a second blog and some fun social posts detailing all the other Eorzea-inspired additions coming to Fall Guys when the Fame Pass goes live on 22nd August!