A-maze-ing scenes! PAC-MAN is in Fall Guys!

Say ‘yellow’ to an icon

Team Fall Guys / July 24, 2023

There’s no escape! Arcade legend PAC-MAN has found the route into the Blunderdome, with a Ghost in pursuit. The pixelated pair provided inspiration for two Costumes, an Emote, a Celebration, and more. Follow the dots to the store from 10AM GMT 27th July to 10AM GMT 1st August to gobble the goodies.


The PAC-MAN Costume’s giant mouth swallows up Beans like POWER PELLETS, enveloping them in a bulbous yellow outfit patterned with pointed eyebrows, pie eyes, and gloves. The less swole Ghost Costume drapes over players like a blue sheet with a painted on smile and eyeholes. Classic.

You can show off the new duds with the Waka Waka Emote, revel in victory with the POWER PELLET Celebration, or get lost in the PAC-MAN Maze Pattern. A few Nameplates and Nicknames are the cherry on top.

Enjoy our little moment of PAC-MAN in the Blunderdome!