Cross-platform progression comes to Fall Guys with Epic Games Accounts

Hello, bean fans! This blog is packed full of exciting info about new Epic Games Account requirements for Season 6, so here’s a cheat-sheet so you don’t miss anything:
  • Epic Games Accounts will be required in Season 6, bringing new features to Fall Guys: cross-platform progression between PS4 and Steam, and the return of custom usernames!

  • How to link Fall Guys to your Epic Games Account

  • How to select a primary profile for cross-platform progression

  • What items will and won't be carried across your platforms

We’ve been hard at work preparing Fall Guys Season 6 and we can’t wait for you to join the celebrations! But it’s not just new Rounds, obstacles and a fresh look we’re bringing to the party.

As part of our quest to deliver you the greatest game show in the universe, we’re delighted to share that Season 6 will bring cross-platform progression to Fall Guys with Epic Games Accounts. This means that after you’ve linked an Epic Games Account to Fall Guys, you’ll be able to bring your precious bean content with you - no matter where you choose to play! Plus, PC players will also be able to enjoy custom names once again! No more will your in-game identity be defined by the name generator (farewell, Golden Yeeted Spinner...) - with Epic Game Accounts, the choice is yours.

These are just the first of multiple fresh Epic Games Account features hitting the inflatable streets of Fall Guys. Lobbies & Friends Lists will arrive later in Season 6, unlocking the ability to play with any of your Epic friends on any platform linked to their Epic Games Account.

We’ve put together a detailed FAQ on our Support page to make things easy. It includes everything you need to know about Epic Games Accounts and cross-platform progression. For now though, here are some key facts to get you started:


Linking Fall Guys to Your Epic Games Account


First off, what’s an Epic Games Account?

Glad you asked! An Epic Games Account is a login used to connect and play with your friends across games and platforms that use Epic Account Services. Millions of players already use Epic Games Accounts to enjoy Rocket League and Fortnite, and now you can use the same account to play Fall Guys, too!

Once you’ve linked an Epic Games Account to Fall Guys on your platform of choice, your platform progress will become your primary profile. That’s your Costumes, Nameplates, Fame Path progress...all that good stuff. Your Epic Games Account lets you carry your Fall Guys progress with you, wherever you choose to stumble.


Will I need an Epic Games Account to play Fall Guys?

Yep. Fall Guys Season 6 brings cross-platform progression to the Blunderdome and Epic Games Accounts are how we’re able to make that happen. If you’ve already got an Epic Games Account, you can login with your usual details and link it to Fall Guys. If you don’t, you’ll be prompted to create one quickly and easily by following the in-game instructions.


I play on both PlayStation and PC. How do I choose my primary profile?

If you play Fall Guys on more than one platform, the platform where you first link your Epic Games Account will become your primary profile. For example, if you link your Epic Games Account on PlayStation first, the items (such as Costumes and Nameplates) from your PlayStation copy of the game will be what you take with you everywhere else from that point forward across any platform you tumble on.


What about my Crowns, Shards and Kudos?

Any Fame Path level progress, Crowns, Shards or Kudos will be carried over from your primary profile only. These rewards cannot be merged with Crowns, Shards and Kudos from your other accounts, so if you have Crowns or Kudos to use on another account, make sure you make the most of them in the store before our Season 6 launch in Fall Guys. All leftover Crowns or Kudos on platforms other than your primary profile will not be transferred once you merge.


What if I have costumes and DLC across both my PlayStation and PC accounts?

If you have different costumes and DLC content unlocked on different platforms, please contact our Player Support team after you’ve linked your Epic Games Account - they’ll be happy to transfer that to your Epic Games Account for you.


What if I link the wrong primary profile?

Please get in touch with our Player Support team as soon as you can and they’ll be able to switch your account to the primary profile of your choice. Our team will only be able to make this change once, so please note that any switch is final.


The entire team is so hyped to bring you this significant next step so you can play Fall Guys your way, on the platform of your choice. We’ve got so much more to come and we look forward to spilling the beans as soon as we can.

See you in the Blunderdome.